Music Monday – Alexandra Savior

Welcome to the first installment of Music Monday here at B-Side Writing! Every Monday I’ll be featuring any song, album, band or artist that has been stuck in my head. Some weeks will feature songs that are brand new, and some weeks will feature throwbacks. Please feel free to contact me to send any recommendations of what you’ve been jamming out to!

To kick things off, I’ve decided to feature the lovely Alexandra Savior. Since seeing her open up for Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner’s side project The Last Shadow Puppets in Los Angeles in April, I’ve been obsessed with her melodic soft tunes that pair perfectly with her hauntingly beautiful voice. It is no secret that she and Turner are closely linked as he is listed as a composer for “Risk,” which was featured in season two of True Detective, and she is given songwriting credits on “Miracle Aligner” on The Last Shadow Puppet’s recently released sophomore album Everything You’ve Come To Expect.

Savior’s songs are somewhat reminiscent of Turner’s past and current works (e.g. Humbug or EYCTE), while also proving to be solid songs on their own merit. Although she has not quite released much on iTunes or Spotify, “Shades” is the perfect track to add to your summer playlist. Her lovely vocals charmingly mask the stinging tone she takes on when she croons, “I’m always happy to be leaving / Could be the company I’m keeping” and, “Shouldn’t have come back at all… / Didn’t mean to hold you so close.” These delicate remarks coupled with the somewhat humorous pre-chorus (“Like when you’re looking for your shades / Rifling through your pockets / And you find them on your face”) reveals the duality as she walks the line between harsh seriousness and wit. With its consistent beat, subtle but smooth bass line, and the flawless falsetto in the chorus, Savior reveals her talent in just a quick three minutes and 51 seconds that you’ll want to keep on repeat.

I can’t escape it / abnormal behavior

Listen to “Shades” on Spotify here.
Buy “Shades” on iTunes here.
Buy “Shades” on Amazon here.


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