Music Monday – The Summer Set

Welcome to week two of Music Monday! Last week I received a request to feature one of my absolute favorite songs of the summer: “All My Friends” by The Summer Set. Taken off their fourth full-length album, Stories for Monday, which was released April 1st of this year, “All My Friends” will have you dancing along all summer long. Its feel-good beat and rebellious attitude gets stuck in your head immediately, forcing you to keep it on repeat.

While the whole song is sassy and unforgettable, the little details are what really seal the deal for me, particularly in the bridge. As if the whole song wasn’t slick enough, the subtle “na na na na” in the background paired with the oh so smooth, almost inaudible twang of guitar add just the right amount of ­flair without sounding overdone. Obviously about being with someone who your friends do not think is right for you, this song is energetic and rowdy, similar to many other songs taken off Stories for Monday.

This album has proven to be The Summer Set’s greatest work so far, despite the fact that it was the album that almost never was. Dales showcases his impeccable vocal range throughout it, and each song has a clean, but never overproduced sound. This is due to the fact that Stephen and John Gomez, the band’s bassist and one guitar player respectively, produced the album, thus staying true to the band’s vision. With an album full of favorites, it is hard to choose the best, but other notable tracks include “Missin’ You,” “All In,” and “When the Party Ends (Can’t Hardly Wait).”

How could anybody say that this ain’t love?

Listen to “All My Friends” and the rest of Stories for Monday on Spotify here.
Buy Stories for Monday on iTunes here.
Buy Stories for Monday on Amazon here.


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