Music Monday – Brand New

Check out brand new music from Brand New.
In honor of the end of their tour with Modest Mouse, I thought it fitting to feature one of Brand New’s latest releases “I Am a Nightmare.” This song was released earlier in the year, but has still been stuck in my head. Even more recently, the band put out an EP titled 3 Demos, Reworked which features, well, three demos reworked. With this single, the leaked demos, and then the reworking of said demos, Brand New has also been on tour with Modest Mouse, with front man Jesse Lacey consistently claiming that the end is near for Brand New. The band has also released merchandise with dates further confirming the future break up.

Despite the apparent impending break up, earlier Brand New had given word via a Procrastinate! Music Traitors information report that there is a new and final album to be expected sometime in 2016. Thankfully, “I Am a Nightmare” will suffice until that album’s release. Staying true to earlier themes of religion, death, and the afterlife as seen in their 2006 album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, Lacey asks the important questions (“Do I have to die to see the other side?”), while still keeping his humility (“I’m not a prophecy come true”). With a reckless vibe, “I Am a Nightmare” keeps the “pure energy” it claims it wants all throughout the song with a clean guitar riff and a catchy chorus that will have you singing along all summer.

My heart is glowing fluorescent, I want you to possess it

Listen to “I Am a Nightmare” on Spotify here.
Buy “I Am a Nightmare” on iTunes here.
Buy “I Am a Nightmare” on Amazon here.



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