Music Monday – Knuckle Puck

Two weeks ago I went to Warped Tour in Pomona, so I figured that I would feature one of my new favorite bands from the tour. To kick off this Warped Tour series of Music Monday, I thought I’d begin with one of my favorite bands to see on the tour: Knuckle Puck. I hadn’t really listened to Knuckle Puck much until a few months leading up to the tour, but they ended up putting on one of the best sets of the day for me. The crowd started off fairly small so I was able to get right up towards the front in the second row, but after playing “Evergreen,” one of my favorite songs of theirs, I decided to step back and join in on the crowd surfing and moshing. The crowd and the band fed off of each other’s energy and made it a set for the books.

I had a hard time deciding on which song of theirs to feature, so I figured I would just talk about their entire debut album Copacetic that came out in July of 2015. Copacetic is one of those albums that is good from front to back. Every song can stand on its own, while also being an invaluable piece to the album as a whole. One of my favorite parts about this album is the connectedness that the songs share, specifically between the middle tune, “Ponder,” and the closer, “Untitled,” as they both feature the title as singer Joe Taylor repeats the album title in the line “I’ll tell you everything is copacetic.” Although “Ponder” is shorter and much more mellow in comparison to fan favorites such as “Disdain” or “Pretense,” it holds some of my favorite lyrics from the album (“…your foot rests easily / on the back of my head / I’d push down harder if it were me”).

“Evergreen” and “In Your Crosshairs” are also both standout tracks for me personally. The versatility that Knuckle Puck exhibits between fast and loud songs and slower, more soothing songs is what makes this album so flawless. “In Your Crosshairs” reveals this same notion of opposites throughout the whole song from the exasperated shouting in the first verse to the melodic voice overlaps throughout the chorus, this song holds true, raw emotion that is felt throughout it. “Evergreen” is another tune that shows their brilliance in songwriting from the change in tempo, specifically with the drums, as well as from a lyrical aspect with the chorus (“I’ll lead a life of firsts on foreign soils / somewhere that I can find the bones of a better man inside / holding on tightly to the misery will never get me far”), as well as the repetitious outro (“you grew from a seed / forever strong as a pine tree / always an evergreen”).

Knuckle Puck will soon be taking over the world if they continue on this road of making just straight up good, honest music with no gimmicks. They are a great bunch of dudes who I can’t wait to continue to support. Be sure to check out the rest of the songs on Copacetic not mentioned in this article, and find them on tour with The Wonder Years and Real Friends in the fall. Find tour dates here.

I’ll tell you everything is copacetic

Listen to Copacetic on Spotify here.
Buy Copacetic on iTunes here.
Buy Copacetic on Amazon here.


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